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“For years I have suffered from very painful headaches. I believed it was caused by stress. These headaches affected my life, my work, everything. After a couple of treatments from Dr. K, I no longer have these debilitating headaches. Thank you to Dr. K and staff for encouraging me to try Chiropractic treatment after 18 years of skepticism. I would encourage anyone with chronic health issues to give this chiropractor and his team your time and trust. Truthfully, you can not put a price on feeling better.” from Darlene D., May 27/19

“Fantastic Dr. & Fantastic staff!!”  Dr. Kinakin: 5/5,  The Staff: 5/5,  Wait Time: 5/5    Affordability: 5/5   – Lisa A., visit May 15/19

“Hi Dr. Kinakin, I just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to see me. Right now, I’m not up for the drive to Vernon, but I will recommend you to my Vernon friends. IT’s clear you care about helping people! Thank you!”  – Dani Lynn, April 2019

09/04/18 Big improvement in my neck, back and foot. No more pain and my back and my foot is less fuzzy. I’m so happy for my improvements!
Lynda B.

07/17/18 Chronic lower back pain and weekly migraines. With regular appointments and following the guidelines of Dr. Kinakin, after 8 months it is rare for any pain to flair up. This has also pointed out and corrected other areas I was not aware were issues like continual fatigue. |
Devon C.

07/11/18 i came in with horrible lower back pain. I discovered that my spine was curved. I’ve been coming for over a year and have never had a relapse 🙂 Thank  You!
Naomi K.

02/08/18 Since having an adjustment every two weeks, I have found I am sleeping much better and my snoring has stopped. I also feel 100% more relaxed.
Cedric G.

05/17/17 My first visit showed neck/lower back problems. My treatments so far have greatly improved my tingling/ numbness in right leg that i had surgery on in 1988.
Charlene Y.

06/12/2017 I was Diagnosed with Neuropathy. Since having treatments i have feeling in my feet again and my swelling is down. It has eliminated burning in my legs from the knees down.
John H.

04/06/2017 I have been able to walk and move my neck easier. I have noticed my circulation getting better, sleep – not restless and not turning from side to side. Being able to stand up longer, less sitting.
Diana L.

02/27/2017 I have had chronic back problems for 20 years. I started corrective care nine years ago. But since i started seeing Larry 3 years ago  my recovery has opened up dramatically. Thankyou.
Lisa Beth W.

01/19/2017 I have been seeing Dr. Larry since November 2016. Recently I advised him I was experiencing  coldness from my knees. I haven’t been able to point my toes for years. After 3 treatments i can now point my toes. I used to walk with a limp due to misaligned hips. I now walk balanced without a limp.
Jane F.

06/22/2017 I had a torn rota-tor cup on left side. I lost a lot of mobility. Since i have been coming to Dr. Larry i have been getting a lot more movement in my left arm and have been feeling so much better.
Virginia B.